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EMT Conduit Body LB Conduit Body

EMT Conduit Body LB Conduit Body

EMT Conduit Body LB Conduit Body
CategoriesConduit Boxes
ModelLB Conduit Body
Product NameEMT Conduit Body With Cover and Gasket
TypeLB Conduit Body
Update TimeMay 22,2024
Detail Information

EMT Conduit Body With Cover and Gasket

Conduit bodies, covers and gaskets provide access to conductors for pulling, splicing, maintenance, and future changes and upgrades. They allow connection of straight conduit runs, branch conduit runs and 90° bends. Covers and gaskets can be ordered separately, or the conduit bodies, covers and gaskets can be ordered as a complete assembly.

In addition to the threaded type, set screw bodies are available for use with EMT conduit. Covers and gaskets must be ordered separately for set screw conduit bodies.


  • Serve as pulling fittings
  • Make bends in conduit system
  • Provide openings for splicing
  • Connect and change direction of conduit runs
  • Allow connections for branch runs
  • Permit access to conductors for maintenance


  • Copperfree aluminum bodies with aluminum enamel finish
  • Set screw type has slotted hex head steel hardened cup-point set screw for EMT
  • Domed copperfree aluminum cover with stainless steel screws
  • Closed-cell neoprene gasket
  • Tapered threaded hubs (NPT) or set screw design
  • Threaded style is raintight when used with casketed covers
  •  Internal volume and maximum wire capacity clearly marked on castings

LB Conduit Body:

1) Aluminum die cast,Perfect Powder Coat 


3) 1/2" to 4", UL 514B

4) Factory, good quality&prices               

5) Threaded type / set-screw type

6) Standard reference: UL 514B

7) Sizes: 1/2",  3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2", 4".

8) we have thread  LL/LB/LR/C/T type for IMC/RMC conduit

9) We also have ELL/ELB/ELR/ET/EC for emt conduit

Catalog Numbers:


 Aluminum Emt conduit body LL,LB,LR,T type

Aluminum Emt conduit body LL,LB,LR,T type

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