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ZDLPF46 PTFE Lining Steam oil Control Regulating Valve

ZDLPF46 PTFE Lining Steam oil Control Regulating Valve

ZDLPF46 PTFE Lining Steam oil Control Regulating Valve
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Update TimeJun 18,2024
Detail Information
Valve Introduction

ZDLPF46 PTFE Lining Electric Steam oil Control Regulating Valve

ZDLPF46 Fluorine lining single seat electric control valve is composed of 381L series electric control valve or DKZ-type electric actuator or electronic actuator and lined fluorine plastic straight through the single seat electric control valve parts witch contact with the medium are lined with fluorine plastics, and adopts PTFE material bellows sealing, can be widely applied to the process controlling and regulation of corrosive medium like, alkali, and toxic, volatile gases. 


1. Corrosion resistance: the eclectic control valve within valve chamber, valve core, valve seat and stem are lined with 2.5-3mm F46, can resist          acid and alkali, can resistant strong corrosion. 

2. Good sealing performance: adopts PTFE bellows and packing double sealing. to ensure no leakage. 

3. Leakage is small: the electric control valve core and seat are rubber seal, so the leakage is minimal. 

Main material
Nominal diameter mm
Material code
Main parts
Body, bonnet
Core, seat
1Cr18Ni9Ti(304) or
surfacing STL
1Cr18Ni9Ti(304) or
surfacing STL
1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti(316) or surfacing STL
V type PTFE(F4), flexible graphite, stainless steel bellows
RPTFE(F4), stainless steel gasket, metal graphite spiral wound gasket
Push rod,sleeve
Applicable working
Applicable medium
steam, oil type
Nitric type corrosive
Acetic type corrosive
Normal temp. type
-30~+250 F4:≤200℃
-40~+250 F4:≤200℃
-40~+250℃ F4:≤200℃
High temp. type
Low temp. type
-40~-60℃、 -60~-100℃

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