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M Threaded Cable Gland B Type - Brass

M Threaded Cable Gland B Type - Brass

M Threaded Cable Gland B Type - Brass
CategoriesCable Gland
ModelDDP B - M
MaterialBrass/ Nickle plated zinc
Hermetic seal:Insulation Material NBR, EPDM
Working temperature 1:-40℃ to100℃ in static state Instantaneous heat resistance up to 120℃
Working temperature 2:-20℃ to 80℃ in dynamic state Instantaneous heat resistance up to 100℃
Update TimeJanuary 29,2023
Detail Information

M Threaded Brass Cable Gland

PG13.5  Waterproof Brass Cable Gland.jpg

These metallic glands are liquid tight, offer excellent strain relief and have lameller designed plastic inserts for protection against distortion. These glands are suitable for use in machinery and equipment, measuring and controlling devices, medical equipments and many other fields where exceptional stability and safe functioning is required. Cable glands with long thread length or reduced clamping range are also available on request.


Brass, Nickel Plated

Clamping Insert

Polyamide 6

Protection Class

IP 68

Sealing Ring / O Ring

Neoprene / Perbunan (NBR)

Temperature Range

-40° C to + 100° C

Threads Available

Pg, Metric and NPT


1:Material: Brass M12 waterproof metal cable gland,cable gland,cable gland sizes,m12 cable gland
2:Hermetic seal:NBR, EPDM
3:O-Ring:EPDM M12 waterproof metal cable gland,cable gland,cable gland sizes,m12 cable gland
4:Working temperature:-40℃ to100℃ in static state Instantaneous heat resistance up to 120℃,-20℃ to 80℃ in dynamic state.Instantaneous heat resistance up to 100℃
5:Color:Grey, Black, other colors customized. M12 waterproof metal cable gland,cable gland,cable gland sizes,m12 cable gland


Products Instructure and Application:


Brass cable gland body with hexagonal wrench surface, thread ISO metric in accordance with EN60423 or thread M in accordance with ANS/ASME B1.20.1-1983, hexagonal pressure nut, sealing ring and ferrule.

  • Machining centres and robotics 
  • General indutrial and commerical electrical wiring protection
  • any narrow space in static applications
  • General wiring for OEM applications
  • Low fire hazard applications 
  • Underflooring wiring in office buildings


Metal Cable gland size list: 

ModelCable RangeHGLSpanner SizeNo.
M 12 x 1,53-6,5196,514M 1207BR
M 12 x 1,52-5196,514M 1205BR
M 16 x 1,54-821617/19M 1608BR
M 16 x 1,52-621617/19M 1606BR
M 16 x 1,55-1022620M 1610BR
M 20 x 1,56-1223622M 2012BR
M 20 x 1,55-923622M 2009BR
M 20 x 1,510-1424624M 2014BR
M 25 x 1,513-1826730M 2518BR
M 25 x 1,59-1626730M 2516BR
M 32 x 1,518-2531840M 3225BR
M 32 x 1,513-2031840M 3220BR
M 40 x 1,522-3237850M 4032BR
M 40 x 1,520-2637850M 4026BR
M 50 x 1,532-3837957M 5038BR
M 50 x 1,525-3137957M 5031BR
M 63 x 1,537-44381064/68M 6344BR
M 63 x 1,529-35381064/68M 6335BR

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